Abortion clinics in Doha Qatar


First trimester abortion clinics in Qatar Doha.

Abortion is illegal in the Qatar Doha  as far as we know. Flying to another country to have an abortion can be done without any legal penalty in the Qatar Doha  as far as we know.

Pregnency Termination

 We offer First Trimester abortion services between 5 and 10 weeks,  6 days (pregnancy calculator) from the first day of the last normal menstrual period. We perform abortion by manual vacuum aspiration. The average visit to our center is approximately 4-6 hours.

We offer two levels of anesthesia for our aborion procedures:Local anesthesia, around the area of the cervix, also known as a cervical block and.Twilight (conscious) sedation, which puts you in a semi-conscious state where you are still breathing on your own and will quickly regain consciousness soon after the procedure is complete

Is it legal to get an abortion in Qatar Doha?

Abortion in Qatar is banned by law. Abortion is not allowed in Doha. Flying to another country to have an abortion can be done without any legal penalty in the Doha as far as we know.

Safe and Legal Abortion

1st trimester abortion is the most common surgical abortion procedure chosen by women. The “early abortion” can be performed before 10 weeks LMP (last menstrual period) in various situations

Our physicians are all board certified or board eligible obstetrician/gynecologists who have private practices in the area and maintain privileges İstanbul premier hospitals. They each have many years of experience performing abortions, and have extensive backgrounds in reproductive health services.

We have a female physician on staff. Our counseling staff is dedicated to providing superior patient care. They have education, training, and experience in the helping fields, and provide compassionate, confidential pre/post abortion counseling in a supportive environment.

Will the abortion hurt?

Most women are able to get through their abortion ,which lasts around 5-6 minutes, with minimal discomfort. We offers pain medication, twilight sedation, or general anesthesia to help women through manual vacuum abortions.

How long do I have to wait after an safe abortion before going back to work?

Women who have vacuum abortions often return to work within a day or two after their abortion.

Will I be able to get pregnant after my abortion procedure?

There is no evidence of fertility problems after an abortion. Having an abortion does not interfere with your ability to have children in the future.

Where can I get an abortion in Doha?

Abortion is illegal in the Doha   as far as we know. Below is a full listing of abortion clinics. Be sure to only go to one of the abortion clinics listed on this page. Abortion pills , cytotec are also illegal an not safe in Qatar Doha

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Appointments may be made Monday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A Whatsapp counselor will advise you about arrangements.

For your convenience, we answer phones after hours and can schedule your appointment.  CALL NOW, to speak with our caring staff.

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