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In our country Turkey, İstanbul  the abortion is legal until 10 weeks of pregnancy. We calculate the dates of your pregnancy from the first date of your last menstrual period. Women get pregnant (conceive) 2 weeks after this. For example, when you miss your period by a few days you may think it is only 3 weeks since you got pregnant, but it would be 5 weeks since the first day of your last normal period. We would call this a 5 week pregnancy.

On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to complete some simple questionnaires regarding your general health and feelings surrounding the pregnancy. You will also have an opportunity to read some comprehensive information about the procedure of termination of pregnancy. You will then have a consultation with the doctor performing the procedure. For confidentiality reasons, the consultation is conducted with only you and the doctor.

The doctor will take a medical history and conduct an ultrasound to determine where the pregnancy is and to make sure it corresponds with your dates. You will not hear or see the ultrasound unless you request to do so. The doctor will discuss with you any social, emotional or physical issues you may have and refer you for any further counselling, if required. Information on contraception will be available.

You will also be given written information about possible complications and expectations after the procedure. Contact numbers are located at the base of the written information

Termination of Pregnancy

The Procedure

You will be given an anaesthetic that will make you feel very sleepy and drowsy to the point that you don’t know what is happening; you won’t feel any pain and very likely won’t remember anything. This anaesthetic is very effective and very safe because it doesn’t make you paralysed where you stop breathing. You are asleep but still breathing on your own.

We use Manual vacuum aspiration procedure under sedation. Sedationis a technique used to help you to relax, and reduce anxiety and pain during treatment. It is an alternative to a general anaesthetic, is highly suited to most short gynaecological procedures and is offered during vacuum aspiration. The procedure is painless.The termination procedure is very simple, quick and safe, and only takes about 5 to 8 minutes. Firstly an internal –vaginal- examination is performed to see which way the uterus is positioned. A thin plastic tube is then inserted into the womb and gentle suction is used to remove the pregnancy tissue, and then the procedure is finished.

Afterwards you are transferred into your own private recovery bay for a minimum of 1 hour. You may have 1 person accompany you, if you like. Some people experience a little cramping after the procedure, like a period, and that’s because the uterus is contracting down after it has been emptied. Extra analgesia may be given, if required.


Whilst you are in recovery, you will be given an antibiotic to take at home (after food). This acts as a preventative for infection. Full courses of antibiotics are not routinely prescribed, unless indicated. Extra antibiotics are prescribed if someone has an undiagnosed infection or develops an infection. Getting an infection is uncommon but when you go home we will give you an information sheet that explains what to expect after the procedure.

If there are any concerns, we may be contacted on the surgery number. We are available 24 hours a day. Remember you may call us at any time.When you arrive home, take it easy for the rest of the day – don’t operate any machinery and don’t drive a motor vehicle for the remainder of that day and night. Normal activities may be resumed the next day.

Safe and legal abortion clinic Contact with us

Appointments may be made Monday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A Whatsapp counselor will advise you about arrangements.

For your convenience, we answer phones after hours and can schedule your appointment.  CALL NOW, to speak with our caring staff.


Abortion in Dubai is banned by law. Abortion is not allowed in Dubai.


For many people faced with making the decision to terminate a pregnancy the cost of the procedure is also of concern.The cost of a termination is made up of different components.

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Abortion Procedure ; In our country the abortion is legal until 10 weeks of pregnancy. We calculate the dates of your pregnancy from the first date of your last menstrual period.

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