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We know that terminating a pregnancy, abortion procedure is not an easy decision. But we will make the abortion process as positive, painless and gentle as possible. Whatever your situation, we will do the maximum to help. Use the Pregnancy Calculator to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy, and the options available to you.

We use Vacuum Aspiration method . Vacuum Aspiration is the preferred method if you are less than 10 weeks from your last menstrual period. We provide you with pain medication and a mild sedative to assure you are as comfortable as possible. The procedure takes only a minute or two with little to no pain, but we’ll ask that you remain in the ABORTİON center for some time after for observation. . Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you to make the process as easy as it possibly can be.

Best abortion clinics near you, your city & country;

We believe in treating every woman with dignity, respect, and compassion. You are not just a number or next in line for an appointment. You are dazzling; and you deserve to be treated that way.

A list of pregnancy termination ,abortion  providers  near you is below. Please note that prices and services vary. We do our best to provide up to date information but it is important to contact  abortion clinics  directly or Abortion Clinic İstanbul  for accurate pricing and service availability.Please contact us for information.

If you're interstate, you can find details of your closest abortion clinics providers here.

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We believe money should never be an obstacle to getting the abortion care you need.

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No name doctors and fake clinics that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.
To contact Dr.Nevra and talk to her personally to get information on all examinations and procedures message on call +90 532 3540553 on Whatsapp.Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for examination and  procedures



For many people faced with making the decision to terminate a pregnancy the cost of the procedure is also of concern.The cost of a termination is made up of different components.

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Abortion Procedure ; In our country the abortion is legal until 10 weeks of pregnancy. We calculate the dates of your pregnancy from the first date of your last menstrual period.

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